Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dan Schneider should be ashamed of himself.

Dan Schneider is a horrible person. He hasn't (to my knowledge at least...) committed crimes or done anything morally disgusting, I say the man is horrible because he is the creator and producer of many unfunny children shows on Nickelodeon. This is a big problem to me because I grew up with Nickelodeon during the early 90's, and for me to see a wonderful children's network, full of creative, clever, witty, and funny television shows for children and adults alike turn into the cesspool of crap it is today is rather sad. I am amazed he managed to make so many terrible shows in amazing succession and still mange to have a job. But Nickelodeon allows the fat beast to get away with releasing a shit storm of stupid shows dedicated towards children. To be honest I must give the man credit, Children this day and age are fucking stupid and will enjoy anything even if its nothing but lame Fart Jokes, and believe me Dan's humor makes Fart Jokes seem like Seinfeld.

What I'm basically saying is that Dan has resorted to sticking to making children shows to be protected from any form of criticism. His shows are so stupid they make Adam Sandler movies have the same quality as Monty Python and The Holy Grail. What I accuse Dan Schneider of doing is writing shows that are devoid of anything you can consider intelligent writing and marketing it for children is a sure fire way to ensure the cop out argument, "Oh, its for children!" I go everywhere on the Internet and find people in total denial that Dan Schneider is not in anyway a shitty writer and creates some of the worst television shows to plague the viewers who are smart to realise the truth.Combine that with the fact that Nickelodeon has allowed him to make a slew of shows and he's virtually unstoppable. I will confess, I have watched his early work, All That, Kenan and Kel, even Drake and Josh, but looking back you realise that they were deep down horrible shows. All That got really bad when they allowed that harpy Amanda Bynes to appear, Kel got really stupid that it was no longer funny to watch a mental patient do stupid things and be excused in the name of "comedy", and admit it, Drake and Josh got bad when Josh lost all that weight.

I know that after you read this paragraph, you probably said, "Its a Kid's show you asshole!" or "Who cares?" Well you're right, nobody has to care. But the former of your statement is my point, Dan is unstoppable from criticism. Now, he made a show I find utterly appalling. The show is called Victorious.

Yes, Victorious, not iCarly or Zoey101, I never bothered watching Zoey101 because I can't stand Jaime Lynn Spears, and as for iCarly, I have seen the show sometimes and while it is the worst show Dan Schneider has created, I seen one saving grace, Neville. Because of Neville, a character who has actually made me laugh by being genuinely funny, I have admitted that even the worst of the worst does have its moments.

Victorious on the other hand is devoid of anything good to say. The characters' suck, the plots' (if there is one) are all horrible, there is no development, nothing changes, no continuity, and worst of all, other than bad acting, is there is nothing funny about the show. So in the interest of torturing myself for your amusement, I present the Victorious Sucks Blog, where I recap all the episodes and try to help you understand what is wrong with Dan Schneider.

Victorious Characters!
I think we should start with getting to know the characters, its only fair.

1. Tori Vega
Lets start with the "Main Character" right? Well, she sucks ass, this has to be a more painful character to have to sit through as the main bitch than Carly Shay. Other than her name being Tori, as in Victorious, that is the wittiest Dan Schneider will get with anything regarding her character and the show itself. Tori is arrogant, rude, surly, greedy, joyless, selfish, superficial, obnoxious, entitled, bitchy, short-tempered, petty, impatient, jealous, envious, and neurotic. If I forgot anything please tell me. This is not really a bad thing though because I guess that Dan gave her a personality of some sort, even if her personality is totally horrible. At least she is not as flat as her chest. (BURN!) As usual with all Dan's main characters who happen to be female, Tori is a Mary Sue, she is constantly pined over, loved by all, is the center of attention, and seems to win all the lead parts in the school's many plays and musicals. She also has a bad habit of kissing her friends boyfriends, oh that is so nice Dan, way to set examples for kids!

2. Jade West
Goth Tori, she is mean, rude, arrogant, and rather bitchy. Good characterization Dan Schneider, already two unlikable characters! Anyway, Jade is Goth, which means she is so stereotyped that it makes me believe Dan Schneider never went to High School and gets his ideas of Teenage Subcultures from the Internet. Jade wears all black and has piercings and loves the macabre, just like all Goth people! Other than that originality, Jade is a very conflicted character, she is obviously emotionally damaged as she is mean to every other character on the show, yet for some reason, hangs out with them on a regular basis, which means she just wants to have friends but doesn't know how to. Her name is a play on Jaded, I guess Schneider doesn't know what Jaded means because it doesn't mean be a total Cunt to everybody, and her last name is West, as in the Wicked Witch of the West. Dan Schneider is calling an underage girl a bitch.

3. Andy Samberg
Okay, you got me, I know his name is Robbie Shapiro. But the joke here is that he looks like Andy Samberg, a joke that got old before it started. Robbie is the most sympathetic character on the show, he is tormented by everybody, nobody likes him, he gets no respect, his "friends" hate him and treat him like shit. Why does he bother hanging out with this people? Dan Schneider must have been a bully in School (if he went, his concept of school is totally fucked up.) because he is nasty to anybody he stereotypes as nerds. Its not funny at all, its sad to watch a teenager be so shy he has to talk through a Puppet, which even insults him at times, this means Robbie suffers from severe depression and bouts of self-loathing.

4. Andre' Harris
The token black person on the show. Seriously, there are only a few other black people in Victorious. (His Grandmother, and ?) This entry is going to be short, because Andre' is a useless character. Other than be a musician, he only shows up to drive the plot when Dan Schneider doesn't remember how to progress with the story.

5. Cat Valentine
Have you ever had a friend who always said really, REALLY, stupid things? And after that friend said something stupid, you just look at said friend with awkward silence? That is Cat. The thing is she is very stupid, she is so stupid that Dan Schneider is making fun of the Mentally Retarded with just how stupid the show makes her. Nothing she says is rife with any concept of sentient thought. She says things that make you think, "who the fuck thinks this random wacky statement is actually funny?" Other than being offensive to handicapped people, Cat serves as the shows Fap Material to hormonally berserk teenage boys.

6. Trina Vega
Trina is Tori's sister who is in Hollywood Arts High School for absolutely no reason. She has no talent, so the other characters say, because I think that anybody who wears her outrageously stupid boots she wears throughout the show requires a ton of talent to not result in a compound fracture in her ankles. Other than that, I heard her sing, she isn't really that bad, but her acting sucks. So maybe that's the problem? Nobody seems to like her because she acts like a Diva who thinks everyone owes her a lot of admiration.

7. Beck Oliver 
After six rather unlikable characters, Dan Schneider makes an astounding seventh unlikable one, and boy howdy, is he useless. Beck is Jade's boyfriend, I don't know why since they have absolutely nothing in common and Jade is completely jealous and suspicious of his every movement. Other than being in a healthy relationship he is a Gary Stu because all the girls, and some guys, love him and his hair. Other than looking like Aladdin, he's Canadian, which is a not funny joke everyone reminds him of.

And there you have it! The main seven and all of them are lame. There are other characters but they are not shown much or they are just lame. Join me next post when I talk about the first episode of victorious after a summary of the episode, I will have a retrospective, which include these categories:

Annoying Song Alert: Since this show is a pathetic rip-off of of the pathetic show, Glee, expect there to be annoying songs sung by the cast. Oh wait, I mean Tori and Cast. I kid you not, they actually credit the songs like that. What is the point of all these characters if you are going to glorify one of them?

Great Moments in Bad Song Writing: Obviously, a category to expose the worst lyric in the songs of this show. Since the songs are written by the cast themselves, expect some really bad attempts at songwriting.

The Slap Update to The Head: This show offers Slap updates that are supposed to be exposition, but end up making the viewers look like idiots. This category will show the worst of the worst updates, hopefully per episode.

Bad Acting in Acting School Alert: A customary staple in Dan's television shows are the actors yelling and screaming their lines, or delivering them dully, or just plain bad. This category is dedicated to actors who can't act.

Dan Schneider is Supposed to Be A Vegan: Dan Schneider is a avid food lover for one who is supposed to be following the Vegan path. The guy's humor is mostly based off of food jokes, so this will reference the jokes pertaining to food.

Why Don't You Have A Seat Right There?: Possibly the sickest category of them all, as some of the jokes in this show are disturbingly sexual, keep in mind, this is a live action show with underage child actors and the jokes were written by a team of men in their 30's to 40's.

Hidden in the Closet: Homosexual jokes go here. Remember, this is a kids show, written by adults, acted out by minors.

Dan Schneider is Fo' Rizzle Wit Da Kizzos': Dan Schneider thinks he is cool with the children, a little too disturbing sometimes, and other times, painfully embarrassing when he tries to make up "totally awesome" lingo for idiot children to emulate. This category exposes just how out of touch with the kids he really is.

Continuity Snub: Since Dan Schneider can't be bothered to do a simple edit for his work, many shows contain serious continuity errors. So this will catalogue the biggest mistakes in certain episodes.

Breakin' The Law: In the Schneiderverse, he loves making the characters break the law and get away with felonies. This will portray any questionable law breaking or plain bad parenting, or whatever is questionably moral.

Jail-Bait Of the Episode Award: Out of the four main girls, they all seem to try to out slut each other in each episode. so this category shows who was acting the most pedo-bait of them all in the current episode.

Make it Shine?: A running gag.

Conclusions: A conclusion of everything said above in each post.


  1. You have your right to your opinion, but I also have a right to mine. It is too bad you did not watch Zoey 101, because it is probably the best Dan Schneider has done to date. It contained imagery, irony, symbolism, foreshadowing - you know those things you heard about in English class that are hallmarks of great literature. There is some in every other Dan Schneider show, depending on who in his staff is writing the episode. The things I like most about live action Nickelodeon, and live action Disney for that matter: Nobody is sleeping around (wanna breed baby), nobody is drunk, nobody is on drugs, for the most part there are two parents in committed relationships. People of faith are respected. There are no boobs or butts flopping around. You comment about my friend Victoria having a chest is offensive and mildly stalker-ish. If ever there was a nice, warm, friendly, well rounded, down to earth, genuine person it is Victoria Justice. She was raised by a mom who is just like her, and raised her well. All of those good qualities, but most people can't get beyond her chest and good looks. You are missing out! As for Tori Vega, you missed the aspects of her character where she is a friend to all, a peacemaker, the one who keeps things normal and real, and one of the most talented people at the school. Jade West has multi-dimensions. The front she puts on hides the fact that she actually cares deeply about her friends, and when it counts defends them vigorously. She is protective of the vulnerable Cat, genuinely cares about Tori but is conflicted because Tori is a threat to her relationship. Andre is on the show because there was no regular role for him on iCarly - and his musical talent is beyond compare. He is a possible love interest to Tori, and is also a peace maker. He also performs the role of "normalizer" - and almost "chorus" in the literary meaning. Look deeper into Cat. She is actually the smartest of the characters, but her fatal flaw (in the literary sense) is a total lack of ability to handle conflict. Her "stupid act" is a defensive mechanism that keeps her out of the drama going on around her. Her flashes of intuition and wisdom - when she feels safe - are profound. By avoiding conflict completely, she is one of the happiest characters on the show. I could go on - but I think I have made my point that I actually watch the show, analyze it from an expert perspective, and have moved beyond the sitcom fare on regular networks. Regular networks, beside the spewing of sexual innuendo and overt sexual jokes, ridicule people of faith, conservatives, those with morals, those that love their country. This trend started decades ago and I can assure you I do NOT find it funny in the least. For a couple of decades, I watched little television apart from science documentaries. I discovered Disney Channel and Nickelodeon by accident, saw quality sitcoms like I grew up with in the 60's, and never looked back. Dan Schneider is at the forefront of reclaiming the airwaves for decent people who want something better than "Two Broke Girls" or "Family Guy".



  2. I agree with this whole post on why Victorious sucks. Drake and Josh was OK. iCarly started getting stupid in 2012 and Victorious was just another show about kids in a talented school breaking the law,trying to be good singers and following their dreams. Wasn't there something called Big Time Rush and How To Rock for a reason?
    No kid I now can relate to this show.

  3. I do agree on what you are trying to say about Jade,but I have to disagree on her being a "Goth". Gothic people are not depress or sad in any way. I would say she more of a "emo".

  4. I dissagre! Youre just jealous that a man probaly older than you has a funnier sence of humour than you. You are just jealous that you cant be a famous actor or tv maker like him. You dont idolise anyone but he does hes 53 what do you expect him to be? A comidian. Well hes not so deal with the fact that you will never be 1% as famous and funny as he is.

    1. Why must you trolls always resort to jealousy for the cause of someone stating their opinion?

    2. He's not being jealous. He is being concerned for all the negativity that Dan has been doing in these shows. Can't you how hurtful a stuff in the show has done. There's always characters breaking the law. Dan keeps making jokes on certain religious groups, nations, and goes over board with streotypes. Don't you know that the stuff that goes on in the show is considered to be bullying. There are already 22 people who have killed themselves because they were hurt by Dan's shows. Wake up and see the bigger picture and writing on the wall. Why must you people always assume that people hate him because they are jealous of him? I hate the shows that he is doing because of all that mean stuff and I am not jealous because everyone has something special about themselves. No one should be jealous of anyone and should develop their own special talents; Dan is really being mean; I saw a little kid cry because of what was said on his shows and a bunch of poor people at a community center had a meeting with Dan to make him stop saying the offensive stuff about, as he calls them, "Hobos".

  5. I appreciate your vast amount of intelligence, but IMO, his shows were great. I grew up on his shows, and the only one that I think is at LEAST okay is "Sam and Cat." Now you calling him a "fat beast" is a dick move. And calling kids stupid for liking his shows, and assuming that we'll laugh at fart jokes..? Yeah, fuck you. And I'm not trying to bash on you about what would seem to be my "favorite character," but you have Tori all wrong. Almost everything you said about her was the COMPLETE opposite. Sure, she has a flat chest. That implies that you're some fat cunt sitting at your computer, rambling about how you don't think flat chested girls are good looking. Then you complain that there aren't enough black people on the show. The fuck? The principal is black. I've seen black people in the background. And about Robbie... Seriously, what the ass? He's only rejected by Cat, and only Jade is really mean to him. You obviously hadn't watched it enough. But of course you wouldn't know. You hate Dan's shows.

  6. Your an idiot if you think this show is good you must be 7 or 8 cuz thats the only people who think this is a good show asshat

    1. Well I'm not 7 or 8 and I have been watching the show since I was 9 and still sometimes today.And you're the asshat -.-

  7. First of all there has never been a homosexual joke on victorious and true it would be bad if he actually did ridicule them but what you're emplying is that kids shouldn't know about this stuff.And before you start judging me and say I only think this cause I am a homosexual.I am not.Nobody in my family is and I know nobody who is.And did you seriously have to go all out and create a blog with an unoriginal name btw just so you can give your opinion about some kid show.Do you take pride in ruining things for people or something.Cause you're talking a lot of junk about how these characters are useless when this blog itself is useless.Sorry but I just disagree.

  8. I loved Victorious but I will admit that even good shows have bad episodes. Drake & Josh had bad episodes. So did iCarly, Sam & Cat, Zoey101, and even Victorious. I don't like Henry Danger and I am horrified with the idea of the upcoming Dan Schneider show coming in September. And Glee was awful in my opinion and I don't think Victorious is a ripoff of it at all. The only thing they have in common is they both have characters sing. That's pretty much it. And I'm 21. Not a 7 or 8 year old defending this show. You need to realize that not everybody in the world is going to agree with you and everything you say about something. No matter what you're bashing, there's always going to be people that disagree with you. But that's okay. We all have our own input and opinions on stuff.

  9. I used to watch the most mainstream Schneider shows (Drake & Josh, Zoey101, iCarly, Victorious) and I did find some of them really funny. I remember laughing with my sister when watching them but as time went on and I grew up and became more aware it was not possible to ignore the awful way the show portrays social interaction. In all of his shows this is a big deal and a recurring part of the jokes. For me this is the worst part of his shows.

    I can live with the fact that the writing sometimes is cheap and to a extent even that the characters are one-dimensional. I can imagine that the reason for inventing new language and imaginary brands is to create the illusion of it being a own universe (even if this universe sucks).

    But it is so painful to watch the way this shows treat specific characters all the time. In every show there are some victims who have to serve as the bottom of the food chain. Some of these characters were jerks sometimes so there was a stupid reason for shitting on them.
    In "Drake & Josh" this were mainly Craig and Eric; Josh too but he was still a main character and therefor there was some "mercy" by writers. In "Zoey101 it was Stacy for most of the time; sometimes Quinn, Marc and Logan, the latter being the jerk of the show. In "iCarly" there was Gibby but I think the only one who was only there for the main cast to shit on him was Lewbert. I know he was a stupid character and nobody cared about him but it is a very harmful message to send to children. The worst show guilty in this sence though was "Victorious" I guess, there being Robby, Sinjin and this other guy who was Sinjin's friend.
    The most shocking thing about this is that children, who are very easily impressed by pictures, learn that people labeled as "cool" are allowed to treat fellow humans labeled as "uncool" (by standarts of the show) like shit and they can get away with it because they are better. It is a fact that children are copying the behaviour they see on the TV.

    I don't want to go on about this but you get the point.